Lash Perfect Eyelash Extensions in Crawley

You can choose from an accentuated natural look or a glamourous dramatic look. We also offer cats eyes which are perfect for people with naturally long eyelashes. Lashes are applied to the outer lash to widen and accentuate the natural look.

Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are perfect for daily wear or for an active lifestyle. You can shower, swim, use the spa and sleep without a problem. Eyelash extensions are waterproof and durable, you can enjoy having long, beautiful and thicker lashes 24 hours a day and for weeks at a time without hassle, inconvienience or the need for mascara.

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Look natural with Lash Perfect eyelash extensions

Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are so natural that no one will ever know the difference. They have a natural curl so you can throw away your eyelash curler. Lash Perfect eyelash extensions come in various thicknesses, colours and lengths to beautifully blend with your own lashes. A variety of curvatures will give you your desired look.

Lash Perfect extensions are semi-permanent, lasting up to 8-12 weeks depending on the life cycle of your own natural lashes and regular maintenance. You will increase the time you can keep your lashes with fortnightly top ups. Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual lashes grow out on a continuous cycle.

To ensure your eyelash extensions are long lasting and stay beautiful, aftercare and maintenance are essential. Please click here for more information.


The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • Lash Perfect lashes are very light and comfortable on the eyes
  • They do not damage the natural eyelash which can be the case with traditional self applied false eyelashes.
  • Lash Perfect lashes will naturally darken your lashes as they will be fuller and more visible.
  • Lash Perfect lashes, when cared for and with regular maintenance, can last up to 12 weeks.
  • To maintain the fullness of the lashes and to keep their perfect appearance, we do recommend that they are retouched every two to three weeks.

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